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A few years ago, God planted a seed in my heart to write a book. I love to write. I love to share about the immeasurable goodness and love of God with as many as I can in my life. I love to encourage and to inspire others as well to seek and find truth and life and freedom in Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

So, for the last few years I have been praying, reading, writing, and waiting on what the Lord would have me do.

So, here it is- this website that was birthed to be a source of all those things for as many as I can reach.

The reason I chose this means and not writing a book is because:

1. Everyone (almost) has access to social media

2. It's free to all - no cost can stand in the way

3. Everyone and anyone can share with their friends and family, church ministry teams, etc.

It is a blogging website where I share about my walk with the Lord.

It is a blogging website where I share devotionals on finding ones identity in Christ.

The Forum part of this blogging website is where I hope to "teach" on and discuss Cultural Conversations from a biblical point of view.

It is where I desire to help navigate life through a spiritual lens and work through tough questions we all struggle with - Is there a God, Who is God, Where is God when life is hard and so much more.

I would love for this website to be free teaching, counseling, tool for any all to use in their lives of ministry or to share with anyone they know who is in need of encouragement, hope and the love of Jesus.

I pray you would all join me in this journey and that it would be a blessing to you and all you share this ministry tool with.

Please feel free to Share This website with everyone - it is a free gift God has given to me that I desire to be given to all -God Bless

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Tiffany DeMars


I'm just a girl who has come to know the deep love of God

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